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The Surval Core

If qualifications open the door, the Surval Core sets girls up for future success giving them a competitive edge for tomorrow’s world.   

The Surval Core is integrated into all programmes and underpins all our perspectives and values. 

A Surval girl will leave school proud of her own identity, equipped with an open mindset and the resilience to study and work anywhere in the world. She will have developed a sense of social responsibility, openness to challenge and confidence to step up to opportunities and own her voice.

The Surval Core

  • Communications - developing your professional and personal presence
  • Global Etiquette
  • Art, History of Art, Culinary Arts masterclasses
  • International Relations
  • Charity initiatives
  • Sports and adventure: watersports, climbing, hiking, skiing, yoga, tennis, winter sports & ski week
  • Residential trips 


Learning new languages is part of the joy and fascination of travelling to other countries and develops skills for stepping into a multicultural workplace. Switzerland’s multilingual identity provides the perfect environment to inspire a love of languages.

In Surval, English is our first language of communication with French our second shared language.

In addition to supporting strong foundations in English and French, we can arrange first language tuition for speakers of other languages including Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Japanese. 

Language enrichment classes enable students to experience taster beginner courses in additional languages including Italian, Spanish and German.  

 Global Perspectives

This is a world in which Surval girls will have the opportunity to make an impact on the community about them, one in which they will be role models to their communities and guardians of their environments. We are proud to be educating young women to be compassionate leaders with an international mindset.  Through experiencing life in our international community girls are instilled with an international-mindedness enhanced through our International Relations courses, and the opportunity to be actively involved in our Model United Nations, Charities and Sustainability societies.

Social Enterprise 

Our student-led Charities Committee is a driving force, with fundraising flair raising awareness of charitable causes and delivering charitable events throughout the school year. Surval girls believe that charity is about more than money and giving aid; it is about a sense of responsibility for the world and others and recognising their own capacity to make a difference.

Our student-led charity initiatives focus regularly on the plight of girls who enjoy significantly less freedom and educational opportunities than themselves.  It is perhaps inevitable in an all-girls environment that we look to surround the girls with examples of female role models and influencers, and of issues impacting girls around the world, thereby encouraging them to go on to advocate for the rights of girls globally and empowering them to find ways to make a difference in the immediate and longer-term.   

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