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Challenge Yourself

Embrace opportunities to step out of your comfort zone, to develop new skills and perspectives

  • Embrace the experience of living in Surval’s multicultural community
  • Push your multilingual competency and gain fluency in French
  • Step up to challenges in your academic studies
  • Try a new adventure sport 
  • Look for opportunities to show creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Explore new places with open-mindedness

Lead Your Surval Journey 

Identify personal goals and take responsibility for your choices to enable you to meet your targets through self-reflection and personal challenge

  • Personalise your academic and enrichment programme to match your interests and goals
  • Reflect on and identify your progress
  • Seek ways to make a difference in the community
  • Show commitment to The Surval Core


Own Your Voice 

Engage actively and use the power of your voice constructively for positive impact on yourself and the community 

  • Take an active part in ‘Surval Voices’ (Student Council, Charity, Sustainability, Communications, Events, Catering committees) 
  • Engage actively in the learning process
  • Step up to opportunities to demonstrate compassionate leadership
  • Look after your wellbeing

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