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The Surval Family

We are a community of up to 60 girls aged 12-19, from all over the world. The School languages are English and French.

Our small, international, mixed age community benefits our younger girls with older sister role models and offers our older girls the chance to lead activities, initiate change, and make a real difference to the community.

We are inclusive and nurturing in our approach. All of our girls are full boarders – Surval is everyone’s home from home and we all look after each other.

Our short stay programmes guarantee a healthy cohort of new starters in all year groups each year, enriching our community with variety and vitality. There is never a dull moment at Surval Montreux!

School Leadership

Our Principal, senior leaders, teachers and boarding staff all have a wealth of experience working at schools across the world, and ensure the focus is always firmly placed on our girls' development and well-being. 

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Student Leadership

We put a lot of emphasis on inclusion and empowerment at Surval, encouraging girls to step forward and have a go as leaders….  There is plenty of opportunity for the girls to have a say eg Charity Committee, Food Committee and Student Voice Group – ensuring each girl has the chance to be involved in the decision making of the school.

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“Once a Surval girl, always a Surval girl” – our Survalienne network covers the entire globe and comprises impressive, empowered women heading forth into the world, making their own distinctive difference in their own very special way.

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