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IGCSEs & A Levels

IGCSEs 14-16 year old

A Levels 16-18 year old

Duration: 2 - 4 years

IGCSE and Advanced Level (A Level) certificates are internationally recognised for their high academic standard and are well regarded by top universities in the UK and across the world.  IGCSE and A Level programmes are balanced with a commitment to the Surval Core.

IGCSEs and A Levels are two-year programmes culminating in final exams at the end. Typically students will sit around seven IGCSEs in Grades 9-10 narrowing down to three or four A Levels in Grades 11-12. Surval students follow the course specifications of Pearson Edexcel.



IGCSEs (Grades 9-10)

At Surval IGCSEs are available in English Language and Literature, English as a Second Language, Mathematics, Dual Award Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics) History, Art, French (DELF certification as equivalent), Spanish, Business Studies.

A Levels (Grades 11-12)

After IGCSEs students move onto study A Levels. The A-Level pathway is well established and well suited to students who are clear about their interests and wish to commit to studying a chosen smaller number of subjects in depth over a two-year programme. 

Surval offers A Level courses in English, French, Spanish, History, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Business Studies.

The Surval Core is an integrated part of all Surval students’ programmes. 


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