Aims and ethos

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Aims and ethos

At Surval Montreux we are committed to providing an exciting, challenging, enriching and genuinely unique opportunity for girls. 

Our aim is to educate every girl in all aspects of her development. We encourage all girls to love learning, to develop and grow intellectually, personally, and spiritually, and to become good leaders as well as good team members. Without the possible distraction of boys, girls have not just equal opportunity but every opportunity to take the lead. Far from being forced into stereotypes of behaviour, they are encouraged to take risks, to give things a try and to learn from failure. Their sense of self-worth will be enhanced by the praise they receive for their efforts and their positive contribution in all fields. We aim to give them the imagination, the initiative, and above all the integrity to become good influential leaders in the future.

Highly Qualified Staff

Our highly qualified staff are committed to inspirational teaching and to the provision of an outstanding enrichment curriculum. Our teaching staff ratio is 1:2.5, and in addition we have a team of Graduate students to support individual work with girls, as well as all the extracurricular opportunities.

Small Class Sizes

The small class sizes and the individual attention that girls receive both academically and pastorally ensure that every girl can achieve the best of which she is capable. Girls coming from schools with classes of 30 or more are delighted to find how much easier it is to understand and make progress when they have the teacher’s full attention and individual explanation.

An International Family

The experience of living together in a family community, in comfortable rooms with breathtaking views, gives girls security, aspiration and lifelong friendships. The rich variety within our international intake gives us particular strength. All our students are genuinely international, and learn about and from each other both in lessons and beyond.

Individual Attention and Care

Surval is a learning community with a creative culture which is open to and initiates change, and is sensitive to the needs of the individual within the school family. We are proud of our distinctive ethos of friendliness and the commitment of everyone in the Surval 'family'.

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    Our Core Values


    Surval girls are encouraged to take initiative for all aspects of school life and in their academic work. They are able to work on an Extended Project of their own choosing, using their initiative and preparing work for a pre-university portfolio. They contribute ideas and suggestions for the extra-curricular programme; they plan some international trips; and they make a significant contribution to improving the lives of those who are less fortunate.


    We strongly encourage the life of the imagination, through literature, art and drama. Many of our students are gifted in creative writing and poetry, as well as painting and drawing. Importantly too we encourage imagination in personal dealings, so that girls can understand how others might feel in particular situations, and can imagine how it feels to walk in another person’s shoes.


    Surval girls experience the independence of living away from home, taking responsibility for their own decisions and actions, and developing a robust and mature personal and academic independence.

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