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Cultural excursions

At weekends, and sometimes as a special event on a weekday, we encourage students to take part in cultural excursions, occasionally linked to a curricular project. The traditional St Martin’s Fair in Vevey is an annual event in local life: the Philippe Patek museum with its fabulous watches and clocks; the Olympic museum in Lausanne, the visiting events such as the Terracotta warriors, the Tutankhamun and the Lascaux caves exhibitions have been outstanding; the Paul Klee, Natural History and Einstein museums in Bern, the amazing scientific interest at CERN in Geneva, the United Nations, Red Cross… the list is endless. Other weekend excursions take place in Switzerland, and girls sign up for where they wish to go.  

International trips

Enrichment through cultural visits to other cities and countries is an essential part of Surval. The fun and the learning experience on such visits are often what students remember when historical dates and mathematical equations are forgotten. We offer a wide range of trips and hope that all students will find at least one each year that they will enjoy, and they have the chance to vote for their favourite as a summer term choice: last year it was Iceland, which they loved.

During the course of the school year, girls have an optional long trip each half term, and one in the Easter Holiday. In addition there will be shorter trips (for instance Friday to Monday). In all, some 9 trips including Ski Week will be options for girls. We review choices carefully and are always mindful of local circumstances which can lead to changes.

These weekend and week- long excursions are made to more distant locations such as Italy (Rome, Florence, Siena and Sorrento is a favourite); Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia; London, Paris, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, St Petersburg, Vienna, Venice, Stuttgart, Prague or Beijing, with new destinations added each year. This year Italy has been popular, not just with the half term week but also weekends for the Milan Expo and other Italian destinations which older girls organise for themselves. The opportunity for the over-18s to organise their trips independently is an important part of what we want them to achieve: imagination, initiative and independence.

Major trips for each year will be finalized by May and girls will be asked to confirm which ones they will take, so that bookings can be made in advance at the best possible prices. 

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