Principal's Blog

Looking ahead - Surval’s vision for today’s young women

03 August 2022

As we come to the end of the Summer period, Summer Camps are finished for another year and we are gearing up for the start of the new school year, it is timely to draw my Summer reflections to a close.  I have highlighted our strengths which come together to create a range of genuinely unique educational experiences across our varied programmes tailored to girls aged 8-19, from our High School programme to our Summer and Winter camps to our Swiss Gap experience.  

All programmes are underpinned by the Surval Core (Global Perspectives, Languages and Culture, Social Enterprise, Leadership, Adventure).  All aspects of Surval’s experience promote the premise of Surval students challenging themselves, leading their Surval journey and owning their voice.  As we embark with excitement on 2022-23 and prioritise achieving excellence in all aspects, we are focusing all our efforts on making sure that in all aspects of our provision - in teaching and learning and the academic life of the school, in enrichment opportunities, and in our pastoral care and boarding provision - we seek to encourage ownership by the girls of their pathways and choices, and a resilience in the face of setbacks and a confidence to step up to leadership.  Making the most of our very personalised, all-girls environment, we are preparing young women to be competitive in their future workplace.  

Survaliennes have a competitive edge.  Far from being a finishing school, Surval sets girls up to spring into their futures with ambition, confidence and the ability to appreciate the fascinating world about them and a hunger to look for opportunities to make a difference.