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Teacher Blog: Medals Galore at the Colour Run!

03 October 2018

She’s a Rainbow…Getting Colourful at Lausanne’s Legendary Colour Run

There are not many things that will get twenty-four teenage girls out of bed before 7.30am on a weekend, but Lausanne’s famous Colour Run succeeded – by 9.30 on Sunday morning, we were strolling towards the start line in the white t-shirts we received when we signed up, ready to get messy!

The September sky was blue above us and loud music was blaring from massive speakers as Zumba instructors showed everyone how to do some Zumba dance moves as a warm up. The Surval girls immediately joined in, snapping selfies and showing off their dancing skills.

Once the crowd was hyped up, it was time to begin; in unison, we shouted the countdown: “Ten! Nine! Eight…” – then “Go!” and we were off! Filled with energy and excitement, everyone began with a sprint…then quickly slowed down so that we wouldn’t need a nap half way round the 5km course!

The streets of Lausanne had Colour Run stations situated at various points on the course – first up: the blue foam station. White t-shirts and clean hair were white and clean no longer…

“We pushed each other into the blue foam and our clothes and faces got covered – we looked like Smurfs by the end of it!” giggled Aru afterwards.

Next up: the paint station. A rainbow of powdered paint was flung over us, clinging like colourful icing sprinkles to the blue foam on our tops. It was quite the fashion statement!

By this point, the September sun was high in the sky and we were all feeling the heat, so we were very glad to reach the water station and splash ourselves – and our friends! – with cool water.

Of course, it’s important to save the best for last, and the final station lived up to this – not just coloured powder paint…but glitter paint! The perfect piece de resistance for our colourful new looks.

And so, it was a smiling, sparkling, paint-spattered group of girls that ran across the finish line, and were soon sporting gleaming Colour Run medals over their no-longer-white t-shirts.

Even better, the fun didn’t end at the finish line – there was an after-race paint party at the main stage. The infectious Latin music meant no one could resist dancing, and more packs of paint were handed out – just to make sure no one had any white left on their t-shirt by the end of the day! 

Clouds of paint rained down on us as we twirled to the tunes and took photos of our kaleidoscope-coloured friends – an experience to remember forever.