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News: 'The Happiest 5k on the Planet'

09 September 2019

Rule Number One of the Colour Run: Do not talk about - Rule Number One: Wear white at the starting line...

Rule Number Two: Finish covered in colour!

On Sunday morning, dressed in white T-shirts, as per Rule Number One on the Colour Run website, eighteen Surval students and two intrepid staff members set off to nearby Lausanne to take part in the annual 5k Colour Run. It was a chilly Autumnal day but, as Ms Stancheva said, “The girls’ enthusiasm blew the rain clouds away!”

With a focus on fun and charity fundraising, rather than speed, the Colour Run advertises itself as the Happiest 5k on the Planet – loud music and dancing energise the runners at the start line, and at each kilometre throughout the run, everyone is doused from head to toe in a riot of rainbow colours. It took the Surval team about an hour and a half to cover the distance, with the highlight of the course proving the foam station, after which everyone was soaked in colour from head to toe. “There was a giant orange foam mountain – I laughed so much as we played in it that I got bubbles up my nose!” (Viviana, FY, Mexico) At the finish line, a wild party awaited, with medals given out to all the paint-splattered participants. Pink, blue, yellow and purple, the girls (and equally colourful staff) trooped back to the buses afterwards, sporting their red Colour Run bags and big smiles.

Learn more about the Colour Run and its goals here, and follow us on Instagram to see more photos...