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News: Charity Fundraising 2019/20 begins with a "Wake-Up Run"

04 September 2019

Charity Fundraising for the School Year 2019/20 began before sunrise this morning, with a group of girls getting a 5.00 a.m. alarm call to head down into Montreux to take part in a 6km sponsored “Wake Up” run. Our Charities Coordinator, Madame Spigarelli, praised the enthusiasm of the students, and the girls themselves loved the experience:

“It was cool to see the colours in the sky changing from dark to purple and pink.” – Viviana , FY, Mexico.

“I liked seeing the sunrise because I never see them!” – Roby, FY, US/Mexico.

Our new Head of Boarding, Mrs Wilkinson, also took part in the event: “I had a great time this morning. I walked the 6km route and saw some wonderful scenery. It was amazing to see the sunrise and feel the heat of the early morning sun.” 

Madame Spigarelli was very pleased to announce that the girls have raised CHF80 towards the ASRIMM Foundation, one of the charities that Surval supports. Meanwhile, the students are already looking forward to taking part in another Wake Up run next month, with a Wake Up Aqua-Aerobics to take place in November. 

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