Our Survalienne Pooja

01 September 2020

Joining Surval this term or coming back to your much-loved home from home? It’s an exciting time, with so much to look forward to! Survalienne Pooja (2016, India) joined Surval in September 2014. She tells us of her transformational Surval Experience and how she has spurred herself on ever since,

“I was very nervous and shy initially because I was only 16, it was my first time going away to boarding school and everything felt very new to me, but everyone at Surval really helps make it feel like your home.

I still remember my first day - I was so nervous but excited and I really did not know what to expect! As time went by I realised I was learning so much and meeting some amazing people.. everyone was so friendly.

Surval has changed me to the person I am today and I cannot be more thankful for that. I have made some lifelong friends and tons of cherished memories, become extremely confident and independent and had a outstanding time overall there.

I will never forget my last day at Surval - Graduation was such a proud and special day, but at the same time I was extremely sad because it made me realise my time there was over!

Surval has been a dream come true and I am forever grateful I had the chance to go to a wonderful school that I’m still proud to call home today. Thank you Surval for an amazing two years. After Surval, I went on to Lynn University in Florida, majoring in Political Science. I loved it and really enjoyed all my classes and university life.

Now I am working in digital marketing in Mumbai, which is great! Even with the pandemic going on I feel there is so much one can do, learn new things, and rediscover yourself… it’s all about positivity and being open minded”.