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Student Leadership: Blue Monday Fundraiser to Raise Funds for POW

27 January 2020

Surval believes in giving students the opportunity to hone their leadership skills through firsthand experience. This week, Katie (G12, Ireland) planned a led an assembly and fundraising event to raise funds for Protect Our Winters and raise awareness for mental health.

Blue Monday 

On Monday the 20th Of January I held a charity event for POW.  My idea was a pyjama day, everyone would pay 2CHF and wear their comfiest clothes to school. In assembly, we would sing and dance to start the day with our spirits high. I thought that this was a great idea because who doesn’t want to have a pyjama day! 


Creating a Meaningful Fundraiser

There were many meanings behind my fundraising event, the main one being to raise money for an amazing cause. I also wanted to have my fundraiser on this day as it was “Blue Monday”. It is said that this is the most depressing day of the year, but I wanted to try and change this around and enlighten the atmosphere. I felt like we could all come together on ‘Blue Monday’ and fundraise for a good cause as well as turning the gloomy day around by having a lively and enjoyable activity. 

Another meaning for having my fundraising event on this day was to reinforce the concept of mental health. I wanted us to be all together and make each other happy by doing these small activities. 


Lasting Impact

I was happy that my idea came to life and I could watch everyone enjoy the day. I think I learned many things from organising this event such as leading and organising a fundraising event and bringing my ideas to life. I am really happy with how the day went and that everyone got to enjoy the day as much as I did.

I believe that this was the perfect day for everyone to wear their comfy clothes and support each other throughout the day.