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Student of the Year 2021: Anastasiia (Grade 12, Ukraine)

14 July 2021

Congratulations to Surval’s Student of the Year 2021 Anastasiia!  Our Principal Mrs Woodhouse highlights Anastasiia’s achievements this year,

“Anastasiia has made an outstanding contribution across the Surval community this year.  She has been a fantastic buddy to the new girls, a mentor to younger girls and a good friend to all.  The level of her academic work and her community spirit have both been exemplary.  Anastasiia is a willing participant – nothing is too much trouble.  She has taken on the role of Charities Coordinator this year and really helped drive this along.  She is happy to lead and support from the back as much as from the front. 

Anastasiia is a very, very impressive individual; kind, courteous, selfless and very considerate. From the shy girl with no English who joined us 3 years ago, she is absolutely transformed!  Anastasiia has discovered aspiration, confidence and self belief.

Her honesty and openness, bravery and charisma; stepping beyond her comfort zone and taking risks; she has given everything to everything she has done this year. 

Surval is about becoming the best you can be and Anastasiia has more than achieved that… she is going to make a real difference in the world!” 

At our End of Year Celebrations on 23 June 2021, Anastasiia as Student of the Year, gave the Vote of Thanks,

Thank you to my fellow Survalienne speakers: Elizaveta, Vivi, Anastasiia, Fernanda and Faith for your reflections, memories and tributes.  And for your respective contribution to Surval life, for your active involvement with the school as valued Survaliennes and for your inspiring messages today.

It is interesting that every one of you refers so fondly to the friendships made here, which we will all take through life with us as a most precious part of our Surval education.

It is such a blessing to be standing here today, in front of students, staff, parents and guests, as Student of the Year 2021, and to be given the opportunity to share my amazing story at Survalwith you.

When I first came here,  I was 13 years old.  I didn’t speak English very well, I didn’t know anyone. My first months here were quite challenging, however I wanted to make the best here in Switzerland. 

Thanks to some of the Russian speaking girls I felt as if I was at home and I soon settled in and made friends from around the world. Some of the subjects were quite hard for me, however the teachers always helped me. During my 5 years in Surval, I have learned French, English, chaired the Charity Committee, I’ve met lots of kind people, who have become life-long friends, I’ve travelled, I’ve been to Iceland and I’ve been nominated a Student of the Year!  

When I first started, I never imagined myself making the Advanced group in skiing; I never would have thought that, after graduating, I would be going on to City College in London to study Foundation in Business and Finance.   

I would like to say a big thank you to Charlotte, Camila and Katie for the best graduating year, it has been unforgettable! We have had lots of fun times during our lessons this year; thank you for being the reason I smiled. 

I would like to thank Mrs Woodhouse and all of the teachers and boarding staff for your kindness and big support in this school. 

Mrs Woodhouse, your words of encouragement and advice during assemblies helped most of us to be where we are today. We have faced a few exceptional challenges, for example coronavirus, and we survived because we are here as one big community who are always helping each other. We all have happy and difficult times in our lives, because we are humans and it’s normal, however you always were there for us. Thank you! 

Being a Survalienne means a lot to me, because not every girl in the world has a chance to have this type of education. The thing which I liked the most about it is that we are here as a big family which is gathered from different countries. Education in Surval is so special because every teacher finds time and works with every girl.

This school taught me how to be independent, how to deal with life’s ups and downs and how to respect other people and their opinion. 

Two years ago I was thinking of staying in Switzerland and not changing anything. However in Surval, I had the opportunity and time to understand what I really want to do in my future and that people have only one life, so why not enjoy it now, why not try something new, for example moving to another country like England. 

I would like to say thank you to my mom and my younger brother for your big support while I was in school. I would like to tell my mom that without you I wouldn't have done many things in my life, even when I was here in Surval, I felt that you were always with me. You helped me to make the decision to study abroad. I truly appreciate everything you did and you do for us. My heart can not thank you enough for giving me such a strong foundation and helping me to be the independent adult I am now. 

My hope for the future is that I will be able to carry on supporting and organising different international charities. I would love to lead a company. Also I want to become a loving wife and a mom, but  perhaps not just yet!

I would like to give some advice to girls who are staying here next year. Remember how precious and special your time at Surval is, make the most of it. Appreciate the opportunities which you have here. Go for a walk and take pictures of the wonderful view, because one day, you may understand as I do now, how much we are going to miss this place. Think about what you want to achieve in the future and what you want to do in your life and be sure to do it! From my experience I can say that Surval is a life-changing place. 

Thank you!