Academic Special Events Survaliennes

Surval is a place of magic and possibility

06 August 2021

Vivi came to Surval from Mexico into Foundation Year 2019-2020, following in the footsteps of her older sister Alexia. Vivi remained in Surval throughout the pandemic, a highly memorable time for all involved. Vivi was awarded the prestigious Highly Commended Student of The Year 2020.

“Surval is a place of magic and possibility. A place where girls are able to grow, learn, bond, and share. Where they are able to discover themselves and their strengths through adventures, experiences, and relationships. But what makes Surval, Surval? Surval is so many things beyond just the location, the facilities, or the bright yellow building itself.

Take a look inside, take a look at the people around you; at your new found forever lasting friends, at your proud teachers cheering you on, at your house mothers ready to help you in anything and everything they can, at the staff warmly welcoming and greeting you everyday. Take a look at the Survalienne community: generations of successful women, the teachers, the staff, and of course Mrs Woodhouse. Surval is special because of the people involved, because of this community. The community that creates a safe and encouraging atmosphere whether it is your friends, your teachers, or anybody else sharing this journey with you. The people ready to help you in any way possible, the people looking out for you, encouraging you to become the best version of yourself. The people with whom you create strong bonds.

So from all the special things about Surval, why do I consider this to be the best one? Because in the future, and I say this from experience, you will find yourself not wanting to come back to the building itself, but to the people who experienced Surval with you. To the friends sitting beside you in this adventure, to the relationships formed, because in the end, they are what mark the difference between a building and a home. They are what turn a building into Surval; a special place of magic and possibility.”