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Student Blog: Social Enterprise - Valentine's Day Charity Brownies

26 February 2019

This year for Valentine’s Day, the students participating in the Charity Committee decided to organize a fundraising, in the form of Valentine Brownies, for Habitat for Humanity. The concept was that any Surval student and staff could order brownies for whomever they want, and the brownies would then be anonymously distributed on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day, to show our love and friendship towards others.

Everyone in the Charity Committee participated in this event and there were several jobs allocated. There was a lot of planning involved, and it required several weeks to be done. First, two people had to take orders from the girls and raise funds. Secondly, there were two groups formed for the baking of the brownies, which needed to be done the day before Valentine’s day. Then, several girls were put in charge of the packaging and the decoration of the brownies. This year, we used paper bags instead of plastic to be more sustainable and to help save our planet. The last step was to plan the distribution of the brownies of Valentine’s Day, which happened in the morning during breakfast.

The first step was raising funds and placing orders from all the girls and staff. The orders were placed during Ski Week and almost all of the girls and staff contributed. This year we raised CHF 1582, which is very impressive and rewarding for the Charity Committee, as this money will go towards Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat for Humanity is a global, non-profit housing organization with over forty years of experience. It helps people in the world’s poorest communities to overcome the lack of decent, affordable housing. Our school organizes a trip to Kenya every year for the Surval students, where the girls spend two weeks building a house for a family in need. Surval loves to support this organization and give the girls the opportunity of participating on this trip, as it develops our sense of the importance of helping others; reminds us to appreciate everything we have in our lives; and it raises awareness of the charity to encourage others to support them.

The girls started to bake the brownies during their cooking lessons. Everyone enjoyed making the brownies and everyone had fun! After all the brownies were made, the Charity Committee members started the decoration. The brownies were packed into a paper bag and different messages were written on them. We added heart decorations to give them the final Valentine’s touch!

On the morning of Valentine’s Day, the brownies were successfully delivered. This was very exciting as it proved that all the hard work of the Charity Committee had paid off. All the Surval students and staff loved it! Their reactions to receiving their brownie Valentine’s were priceless – everyone was smiling for the rest of the day. This Valentine’s Day was magnificent!