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David Elliott


After gaining a PhD in physics from Cambridge University David Elliott’s research career first brought him to Switzerland in 1991 where he joined the Materials department of the EPFL working on laser deposited metallic coatings. His next contract took him to Leeds University to work on low friction materials for human joint replacement. Since that time he has taught physics and mathematics at three private schools in Switzerland, with students going to top Universities in Switzerland, the USA, the UK and the Netherlands.

His interests include saving historically important pipe organs from destruction as well as tuning and maintaining several organs in the area. He is on the team who care for the Cathedral organ with responsibility for the opto-electronic data transport system and servo pneumatic tracker action and is currently planning to relocate an organ from Cornwall to Tuscany.

He is one of the Churchwardens of the Anglican Church in Lausanne and in his spare time he enjoys cycling, swimming, repairing old clocks, restoring furniture, improvising on the piano and organ, building his model railway and wondering why he never has enough time to finish the novel he started writing ten years ago!

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