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Survalienne Ambassadors

Ms Silvia Lima

Silvia Correia Lima Neser spent a year in Surval between 1989 and 1990. It was a year that taught her about the importance of having a global perspective, one that she has carried with her since. After Surval, Silvia studied languages, returning to Brazil to work in her family business.

Today, Silvia is the president and advisory consultant to the board of Biape, the company that her father established 60 years ago, importing and distributing bike parts across the country. Although she is involved on a day to day basis, she has taken more of a back seat and has now launched her own work, as a lifestyle coach, using the skills that she first developed at Surval of networking with people, communicating, positivity and perspective and the psychology she later studied to help people turn their lives around. “It’s like beginning to write my own story 27 years later,” she says with a smile.

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