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Climbing in Lausanne

Posted on: 15th March 2016

For the last weekend activity of term, the girls set off on an adventurous outing to indoor rock climbing. As we were fitted for our climbing shoes, the girls’ jittery nerves became evident as their gazes were focused beyond the glass windows that revealed the array of colourful walls where men, women and young children were climbing - some professionals even climbing upside down!

We all began the lesson by playing a game where we had to attempt to attach as many carabiners on each other’s harnesses as we could, - even Miss Mannering and Ms O’Donnell joined in the fun! We then moved on to climbing where the girls were able to explore their limits. After all girls had their first go at climbing, belaying and side belaying , their confidence levels were boosted tremendously and soon enough they were all attempting as many walls as they could, venturing up and propelling down the walls with lots of giggling throughout! 

The girls displayed great courage and soon discovered that climbing was not just a physical task but also a mental one, requiring self-motivation as well as the added support and encouragement from the other girls to reach the top! After finishing climbing the girls then went to Lausanne for some much needed shopping and food which was the perfect way to end a very active and fun filled day. 

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