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Geneva School of Diplomacy visit Surval

Posted on: 20th September 2016

Today we had a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Geneva School of Diplomacy (GSD), when Dr. Colum de Sales Murphy the school’s President and Founder M. Delachaux, Director, visited Surval.

It was very interesting to hear about this exclusive University Institute whose purpose is to prepare students for careers in international business, international relations and diplomacy. Firstly, they told us their own experiences and how they came to establish the school. Dr. Murphy told us about his own experience of being sent to war zones as a civilian peace negotiator and about the terrible conditions ordinary people suffer there. I found it very inspiring and gripping.

Secondly, they told us how the GSD Institute is organised and what courses are on offer. The most interesting aspect is that they give their students not only knowledge, but social and work skills as well. For me, this school is an amazing place to get an education. They have students from all over the world. So, everyone can find friends. They are located in a big cosmopolitan city – Geneva. But GSD is also located amongst leading international organizations – WHO, UN etc.

In my opinion going to GSD would be a great experience for anyone who wants to work in an international environment. And I would really like to go so I can challenge myself in this area."


A huge thank you from Surval to Dr. Colum de Sales Murphy and M. Delachaux for taking their time to visit Surval.

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