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Journée Française!

Posted on: 10th December 2014 | Category: School Life

Exams completed and sighs of relief breathed all round, on Monday 8th December les Survaliennes welcomed a day of fun French lessons and activities.  This was a great opportunity for the girls to improve their French in an entertaining way, outwith the context of normal classroom lessons.

     The day started with the whole school together in the library, split into four teams.  There was a friendly competitive spirit as the teams played different games to earn points.  The much coveted prize was the privilege of using the lift - usually reserved for staff - for the rest of the week!  Speaking, reading and writing skills were all put to the test, as well as general knowledge of France and French culture with a fun quiz at the end.  It was a closely fought contest but l’équipe Les Papillons just came out on top.  Bravo, Les Papillons!

     Lunch was à la française with soupe à l’oignon to start followed by duck and potato gratin.  If this was not enough, the girls simply had to make room for the macarons and scrumptious French pastries for dessert.

     Remaining in their teams for the rest of the day, the girls moved from room to room where the teachers waited with all sorts of different activities with a view to helping the girls improve their French.  The girls prepared for Christmas by singing Vive le Vent with Signorina Spigarelli whilst the game ‘Qui suis-je?’ with Madame Monney proved lots of fun.  They learned lots of useful vocabulary through Madame Secondy’s memory games, whilst also working off that delicious lunch with the energetic game ‘Béret’.

     Overall the day was a great success.  Girls of all levels improved and consolidated their knowledge of the French language and culture and had fun in the process.

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