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Karate at Surval Montreux

Posted on: 30th May 2014 | Category: Sport

Karate can be so much fun !

Our students attending the karate session last Saturday were delighted to get into the world of martial arts. They enjoyed themselves very much and also enriched their cultural background. The meaning of the word “karate” is directly related to the art of ‘empty hands’: in other words, a weaponless art.

 It was so nice to have this lovely personalised karate class in which we could individually learn  leadership skills, self-defence, to be fearless and to persevere. It’s really fun to practise a sport which combines both mind and body development. Next time, come and join us. You will be thrilled.

'It was an amazing experience of the Karate, I enjoyed that one hour with our instructor and his daughter. We've learned few interesting things from the Karate, how to defend and attack, how to block someone. We've learned the history of Karate, I think everybody liked it. Thanks a lot for that interesting workshop!'

Arina, Russia

'The Karate class was really fun, I had a great time practising such an incredible art. I would definitely do it again.'

Elisa, Brazil

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