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Students visit the beautiful Blausee Lake and Interlaken

Posted on: 7th March 2016 | Category: Trips and excursions

The cloudless sky, beaming sun and crisp air made it a perfect day for the girls to explore the natural beauty Switzerland has to offer.

Our first stop was Blausee, one of the best known mountain lakes in Switzerland which was created by a landslide more than 15,000 years ago. As the girls stepped out of the minibus and strolled through the walking path bordered by snow frosted trees, the unique charm of the deep blue, crystal clear lake was revealed, which had all of us transfixed in disbelief of the beauty we were surrounded by. It was an amazing opportunity for the girls to take an abundance of beautiful photos: but photos alone which did not do justice to the lake’s romantic and enchanting beauty! 

After just over half an hour of exploring the lake and its surroundings we then proceeded to Interlaken, a much loved tourist destination. To the girls’ excitement, Interlaken was holding markets where vendor stands were offering a variety of food and gifts including the intriguing smell of churros and raclette that the girls could not resist! Interlaken was small, but the overshadowingmountains revealed an impressive mountain scenery. The girls had free time to explore the small town, admire the grand hotels and of course eat until it was time to go back to school, leaving in perfect time for the snow storm to arrive. A extremely enjoyable and stunning day out.

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