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Summer Camp in Europa Park

Posted on: 26th July 2014 | Category: Summer Camp

Last weekend the Surval Summer Camp visited Europa Park, where its students proved their bravery on extremely fast and high roller coasters.

The fun park, located near the city of Rust, Germany, is the second largest fun park in Europe because of its amusement rides suitable for all ages: from the terrifying roller coaster Silver Star (creepy!) to the Fjord Rafting with its breathtaking waterfalls through the rapids near the Magic Forest, ideal for the younger ones.

Thanks to the favourable weather and a general cheerful atmosphere, and to the victory of Germany in the World Cup, our students spent two adrenaline filled days enjoying the rides while becoming active supporters of the German soccer team.

Excellent behaviour, punctuality and good manners not only contributed to make this excursion unforgettable but also strengthened team spirit and friendships previously made within the school walls.

Tired but wearing beaming smiles, campers came back to Surval in time to celebrate a very special birthday.

'Europa Park nos ayudo a juntarnos como amigas! Nunca olvidaremos esta experiencia!!'

Alexa and Diana (Mexico, Colombia)


'Мне очень понравилось в Европе парке . Там было очень весело , интересно и очень здорово . В отеле в котором мы остановились на 1 ночь было очень класс .

Больше всего мне понравились Американские Горки с водой , это было очень весело и забавно . А еще там я приобрела классные сувениры .

Я бы хотела еще раз туда вернуться !!!'

Ekaterina (Russia)

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