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Surval students visit Martigny for the day

Posted on: 16th November 2015 | Category: Swiss adventures

This Sunday Surval’s day trip to the beautiful French town of Annecy was postponed due to the horrific attacks in Paris. However, in true Surval style, we adjusted our plans and headed to Martigny instead, a small Swiss town located on the Rhone elbow in the lower Valais.

We began the sunny Sunday at the St Bernard museum, where we learnt about the breed’s fascinating history and even had the chance to meet the dogs themselves! Our trip then took us to the local art gallery exhibitioning works from the great artists Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. The gallery also held a large collection of vintage cars from across the globe along with an outdoor sculpture park. Taisia from Russia said after visiting the museums:

“I really liked the St Bernard museum and also the sculpture park at the art gallery – there were many interesting sculptures and visiting the museum in autumn really gave it a great artistic and calming feel.”

The day did not end there. After visiting the gallery, we walked into the small town and the girls were sent off to look around, take photographs and enjoy the delicacies of Martigny (aka ice cream). Finally, before leaving we went to see the 5000 seat amphitheatre located near Martigny’s archaeological walk.

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