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American High School Diploma

Exclusively for girls aged 14-18 years (Grades 9-12)

Duration: 3 months up to 4 years

Start date: September / January

Why study your High School Diploma with us? 

Surval’s High School programme enables girls to achieve academic credentials which will set them up for university destinations in the US, UK, Switzerland and around the world. In our highly personalised learning environment combining lessons with tutorials and masterclasses, programmes are tailored to meet the needs, interests and goals of each student.      

Surval’s American High School Diploma is accredited by COGNIA. The American High School Diploma is achieved by building up a broad range of credits during Grades 9-12.  The High School programme retains a broad base of subjects across all four years with flexibility to choose credits according to interest alongside core credits.    

Many Surval students find the High School Diploma programme suits their needs due to its flexibility, focus on continuous assessment, and the ability to convert credits from other curriculum systems.  Students are welcome to join Surval at any stage of their High School studies.  



Academic High School courses

English Language, English Literature, French (DELF), Optional additional languages (Spanish, Italian, Russian etc), Mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Fundamentals in Maths), Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science), History, Business, Economics

Advanced Placements are one-year academically rigorous college-level courses.  Students may select AP options as part of their High School programme. APs are currently offered to students in Grades 11-12  in the following subjects: French, English (Literature and Composition, Language and Composition), History (World History / European History) and Art.




'This year I learned so many things, but the things that will help me most in life are how to appreciate other cultures and how to step out of my comfort zone.’ 

- Regina, Mexico, G9, 2021-22

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