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The Survaliennes

“Once a Surval girl, always a Surval girl” – our Survalienne network covers the entire globe and comprises impressive, empowered women heading forth into the world, making their own distinctive difference in their own very special way.

We are delighted to be in contact with more Survaliennes than ever before, connecting with the school and each other for milestone birthdays, personal and professional achievements, career guidance and local reunions, led by our regional Survalienne Ambassadors.

Wherever Survaliennes are, whatever they are doing, our unique and cherished collective history as a bespoke girls’ boarding school in Switzerland is a treasured bond. Each Survalienne, through her life, manner and attitude, inspires so many others, both as role models to Surval students who follow, and anyone she meets in the wider world.

Our Survalienne network is very precious to us, and a continued focus for the school. Surval holds alumnae events around the world throughout the year so that our alumnae can reunite with friends and stay connected with the school.  If you are a Survalienne who has not heard from us for a while, please email us with your up to date contact details to stay in touch, or to share photos and any news. To join our Survalienne Facebook group, please click here.

The door is always open at Surval Montreux – we warmly welcome each and every Survalienne back to visit us, to view the school as it is now, share your news, tell tales of times gone by, and to share our excitement for its future. Do please let us know when you are planning a visit.

Surval Ambassadors

We are very fortunate to be represented by a group of highly dedicated and impressive Survalienne Ambassadors around the world. Our Ambassadors are a point of contact for Survaliennes in their geographic region, and work in partnership with the school in providing opportunities for both our Survaliennes and current girls. 

Share Your News and Events

We always want to hear from our global network of Survaliennes - whether it's personal or professional news, or anything in between - make sure to let us know, and we will share it with our entire Surval family.


Some Memories from our Survaliennes

Bernice Poetiray (1982, Indonesia) 
"For me it was the ski lessons (3 weeks) in Zermatt. I am class 1981-82. I come from Indonesia, very tropical and I was pretty scared that I had to take those lessons but Mr & Mrs Sidler made me do it and I made it! At the end of those 3 weeks lessons, I went down the hill perfectly in the evening with all my school mates. It was one of the most beautiful nights in my life, going down the hill with all that snow and lights around me. Really unforgettable and I treasure that and thank the Sidlers for making me not to give up on my ski lessons 🙏"

Bettina Buffa (1983, Sweden)
“The best thing for me is all the great friends that I have met and today I have found some of them here on Facebook and during all my travels meet them up!”


We love hearing about your reunions, let us know and we will even help to organise it!

Come Visit Your School

We are always delighted to welcome back Survaliennes to the school throughout the year. Let us know if you are in town, and we will ensure to show you around the school, and organise for you to meet our staff and current cohort of Surval girls. 

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Surval at Sixty marks 60 years of our school!  Celebrations will commence on 22 June 2021, with our Graduation and Prizegiving.  So we can keep you up to date with our celebratory programme, as well as latest news, planned events and reunions, please send us your updated details.

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