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Meet Us In Your Country

Our Principal and Head of Admissions regularly visit different countries throughout the year to meet with Survaliennes, families and partners and participate in events. In 2023-24, our Principal and Head of Admissions will be visiting the following locations:

  • September 2023 - China
  • September 2023 - Poland
  • October 2023 - India
  • October 2023 - United States (East Coast), Mexico
  • October 2023 - Hong Kong
  • November 2023 - United Kingdom
  • November 2023 - Saudi Arabia
  • January 2024 - India
  • February 2024 - Eastern Europe

If you would like to meet our Principal or Head of Admissions during one of these visits, please contact

We are also delighted to be represented by Survalienne Ambassadors around the world.  Families are welcome to contact our Ambassadors directly.

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