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Survalienne Ambassadors

Paulina Samanta Gaille


Paulina joined Surval Summer Camp 2003 and returned for academic year study in Grades 11 and 12. Paulina remembers how living in Switzerland got her recognising and embracing seasons as they are not so apparent back home! She found that breathing and soaking up the beautiful lake and mountain views heightened her self awareness.

After Surval, Paulina came back to Switzerland to undertake a Bachelor in Business Administration at European University ("EU") in Montreux. She subsequently married Raphaël (they met in Montreux!), and moved to Geneva in 2010, starting work at a Trust, becoming a Trust and Estate Practitioner ("TEP") and working for Rothschild Trust for almost 5 years. In 2016, Mateo was born and Paulina is expecting a little girl this summer!

Currently Paulina is keeping very busy, dedicating her time to Mateo in his formative years and being actively involved in the Parent bodies at Mateo’s school. She continues to keep abreast with developments in the Trust sector, which she considers very important.

Of her time at Surval, Paulina says
“Surval was a great eye-opener into new cultures, a new life style and most of all at that age self-awareness, realising and taking into account the great deal of trust that my parents have put into me to be in the other side of the world. [my experience at Surval] was indeed a very important turning point for me. After spending those fabulous years in Surval and creating for myself a world full of options, cultivating myself, learning, travelling and seeing really a whole different world… from what we see and experience in Mexico, I knew for sure that.. what I had experienced in the past years was too great to leave aside.”

Paulina is very happy and eager to take on the Ambassador role, seeing it as a great opportunity to pass on knowledge “to all those girls who are the future leaders of our society.”

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