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Principal's Blog: Surval 2025

15 March 2022

Surval 2025

With the whirlwind of the opening months in post behind me, I sat down to bring clarity in my thinking to everything that makes Surval Montreux such a unique educational environment.  Having peeled back the layers of this special place, listening, observing and experiencing, my goal was to articulate how I would shape and build on what is already in place,  to create a vision to work towards in the next few years, which would intertwine what is already important in the school with my own passions and commitments.   I am lucky to be in a school which already has such a strong sense of identity, but, as in any establishment, there is always scope for development and evolution.

After much thought and reflection I settled on five key commitments which will provide a focus to a range of exciting future initiatives and ensure Surval continues to provide a relevant, engaging and challenging education to set girls up to be competitive in tomorrow’s world. 

  • Inspiring and empowering young women for future success and influence
  • Setting girls up for high achievement through flexible and tailored academic pathways
  • Developing strong global competence for success in a global workplace
  • Creating powerful stories through adventure and challenge
  • Optimising the Surval experience through the environment

We are incredibly fortunate through our small size, our international character and our beautiful location with easy access to town, lakes and mountains, to be able to deliver on these commitments.  Please access the full document here to read more.

Ms Nicola L Dudley

Principal Surval Montreux