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The best of all programmes in one

13 April 2023

The best of all programmes in one - Surval’s NEW French Language and Culture programme for a semester or year abroad

Switzerland is a popular destination for students looking for a short-term international experience as part of their High School years or immediately after school.  What makes a term, semester or year in Switzerland so appealing to High School students from around the world?  


Why Switzerland?

In answering this question I look back at the reasons why I too jumped at the chance to move to Switzerland to become Principal of Surval Montreux in 2021: the opportunity to live in a French-speaking environment - French is simply a beautiful language which I love speaking and listening to! - time to explore the cultural and linguistic richness of Switzerland and surrounding countries with easy access to Italy, France and other destinations; the chance to appreciate the international-mindedness of an international school community at the heart of an internationally diverse country; the quality of life in a beautiful, safe, clean environment with trains that run like clockwork;  the constant inspiration of a truly beautiful setting; the challenge and fun of outdoor pursuits and sports, particularly skiing.  It seems as if everything on my wishlist came together in this wonderful boutique school, Surval Montreux.  

Our new French Language and Culture programme

Take all these benefits and combine them in an exceptional, once in a lifetime experience at Surval Montreux!  Students aged 12-18 years who have the flexibility to spend a term, semester or year abroad will find all of these highlights maximised in our NEW French Language and Culture programme.  


A unique short-term experience for a term, semester or year abroad

For those students who are able to take a semester out from their High School studies, or in between graduating from school and starting university, and who are not confined to continuing to follow a traditional set of academic subjects, Surval’s French Language and Culture programme is an exceptional opportunity to develop a high level of competence in French with DELF certification, develop wider interests and life skills and above all grow personally. 

Intensive French course and cultural immersion

Intensive French language tuition provides the foundation, combined with electives in creative arts and sports, and a wide variety of cultural excursions in Switzerland and beyond. French is used in authentic situations: learning Culinary Arts in French, putting French into practice on the ski slopes with our French ski instructors, or taking part in immersive French cultural day and residential trips.  


Etiquette and honouring our heritage as a finishing school

Honouring our heritage as a finishing school, all Surval students take part in Etiquette classes, building an awareness of cultural differences and developing confidence to present themselves in a range of social and professional settings with poise and self-assurance.



To find out more, please view our French Language and Culture page.  If you are excited by what you have learned about this programme, we would love to hear from you!

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