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Our Values

All of Surval’s programmes provide a shared experience and are built on the premise that girls challenge themselves, lead their Surval journey and own their voice. By supporting girls to become comfortable with embracing opportunities for challenge, ownership and leadership, they are up set up to be resilient, independent and courageous women in tomorrow’s world.

Challenge Yourself

Embrace opportunities to step out of your comfort zone, to develop new skills and perspectives

  • Embrace the experience of living in Surval’s multicultural community
  • Push your multilingual competency and gain fluency in French
  • Step up to challenges in your academic studies
  • Try a new adventure sport 
  • Look for opportunities to show creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Explore new places with open-mindedness

Lead Your Surval Journey 

Identify personal goals and take responsibility for your choices to enable you to meet your targets through self-reflection and personal challenge

  • Personalise your academic and enrichment programme to match your interests and goals
  • Reflect on and identify your progress
  • Seek ways to make a difference in the community
  • Show commitment to The Surval Core


Own Your Voice 

Engage actively and use the power of your voice constructively for positive impact on yourself and the community 

  • Take an active part in ‘Surval Voices’ (Student Council, Charity, Sustainability, Communications, Events, Catering committees) 
  • Engage actively in the learning process
  • Step up to opportunities to demonstrate compassionate leadership
  • Look after your wellbeing

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