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Senior Leadership

Deborah Wilkinson


Mrs Wilkinson has been involved in boarding and residential care for over fifteen years. Her passion for languages first led her to organising trips for a Spanish language school when visiting the UK. From there she moved on to be first assistant, then houseparent, for a prestigious UK international boarding house (The first female houseparent in the history of the school!) before moving on to be Head of Girls' Boarding in one of the oldest day and boarding schools in the UK.
Learning languages has been Mrs Wilkinson's driving force. This is what first led her to live abroad, she has lived in both France and Spain, experiences which allow her to empathise with students living away from home now and ultimately led her to take an interest in pastoral care.
This passion, combined with her sense of adventure and love of travel is what brings her to Surval. Living abroad is a concept she believes that everyone should do. It is not always easy, and she hopes to bring her experiences to help guide the girls to making the most of their time in Switzerland. While she is not a keen skier, there is nowhere else she would rather be to learn this craft.
In her free time, she enjoys cooking, baking, and crafting; skills she enjoys sharing with her family and friends. She also enjoys travelling and cannot wait to explore Switzerland and the rest of the world with the girls!

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