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Leah Wilson


 Leah Wilson Leah joined Surval as a Swiss Gap Year student in 2020, and is now at Marist College in the USA.

Talking about her time at Surval, Leah says: "Surval did a great job of preparing me for university, especially with the pandemic. I really got to experience what it was like to live an independent life through my weekend travels. The classes helped to develop my critical thinking skills, my communication skills, and my ability to work well in any team.

I would definitely recommend Surval Montreux to any student considering it. At Surval you will experience many "once in a lifetime" opportunities, you will try things out of your comfort zone (while still doing the things you love), but best of all, you will make amazing friends.

My Swiss Gap Year classes at Surval prepared me for real life situations and I gained many skills in event planning, social enterprise, as well as cultural awareness and fluency in a foreign language. I also feel that independent travel and weekend trips helped to prepare me for 'adult' life."

Leah is enthusiastic about being a Surval Ambassador and happy to help other students considering a Swiss Gap Year.

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