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Survalienne Stories

Lucía Saiz Luque


 Lucía Saiz Luque Lucía joined Surval Summer Camp 2016 and returned to complete her IGCSE and A Levels here. Lucía went on to read English Law and French Law at the University of Exeter in England and plans to go on to University of Rennes in France.

Returning to Spain during the pandemic, Lucía has also been teaching languages and tutoring children and looking for ways to enrich her CV whilst also studying for her degree.

Of her time at Surval, Lucía says,
”My time at Surval taught me to never settle, to give my 100% in everything I do, and to never stop challenging myself. My time at Surval turned my life around, and made me realise that I wanted more than to just have a simple life. It not only challenged me but it also encouraged me to pursue a bigger life. It made me realise that I did not want to settle in Spain, that I wanted to continue my studies abroad, use my gift for languages and pursue a legal career within the international field."

Lucía feels this Ambassador opportunity is great, having “the chance to support and contribute to the school that gave us so many opportunities”. She is looking forward to sharing her experiences, supporting and guiding new Survaliennes.

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