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Survalienne Stories

Valeria Pacifici Sanchez


Valeria studied our Liberal Arts (now Swiss Gap) programme. She was planning to return to Venezuela to study Law, but soon realised that she didn´t want her time in Europe to end so she applied to read Law at university in Madrid, Spain; she graduates this summer. Since leaving Surval, in addition to her studies, Valeria travelled extensively with her family and participated in charity programmes with her university, giving legal advice to women victims of human trafficking. Valeria says that Surval helped her develop her focus on International Law and helped her discover her passion for charity, travelling and learning about different cultures worldwide.

Due to the pandemic, Valeria is currently back home in Venezuela, completing the final year of her degree, working on her thesis which focuses on the measures taken by the Spanish government during COVID-19.

Of her time at Surval, Valeria says
“It taught me about cultures, about how rich and wonderful is the world we live in and how many different cultures exist and that there is always a point in common from people who live in two different corners of this world. In the same respect, it taught me valuable skills such as languages, cooking abilities, business, event planning and many others. On a more personal level, Surval taught me how to be more independent, how to fight for what I´m passionate about, how to be more organized and how to travel while teaching me how to open my eyes into the world broadening my mind. It taught me that is possible to have sisters all around the world and that our future is in our own hands… Surval forged me into the woman that I am today.”

Valeria says she feels extremely lucky and excited to be a Survalienne Ambassador “because Surval is really my home and I miss it dearly, and with this it feels that I´m not really that far away. I’m looking forward to helping this wonderful school!”

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