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Student Stories

Tina (Survalienne, Class of 2017)


Tina graduated from Surval this summer, setting her sights on a future in international relations - it's a dream she says would not have been possible were it not for the expansive experiences she had during her time at Surval.

In September this year, she started at the Geneva School of Diplomacy, the next step on her path to get to where she wants to be. We caught up with her after her first few days at GSD, where she's studying for a degree in International Relations.

"From an education perspective, Surval really gave me that boost I needed and they helped with making the connection to GSD, but more than that Surval helped me gain independence" she says.

"Before Surval, teachers in my old schools were more distant, it was a huge school and the teachers never really gave you that personal aspect that they do at Surval, the kind of help I have had from Mrs Sexton and Mrs Woodhouse."

But as well as the personal approach, Surval helped Tina develop the kind of skills that has allowed her to make the most of GSD.

"Most of the time as an A-level student, the teachers give you information and resources and you go off and work with that. Surval was more of a warm up to the big thing."

And, it's not just the educational aspect of Surval that has helped Tina find her feet.

I don’t think I would have come so far if they did not give me the support I needed to stand on my own. Surval gave me the opportunity to adapt to understand situations and get to know more about others from South America, Eastern Europe all of these factors combined to respect other cultures.

At GSD, the worldwide family is even more extensive, and Tina is convinced that she's been able to adapt to that because of her time at Surval.

"I would like to get through this degree in IR and then work in the humanitarian operations field. GSD is even more international than I thought. I have met people from Syria, Iran, Peru, from other parts of Africa, several people from everywhere.

"Surval has gotten me used to other people. In the past, my schools were monotonous, my experience at Surval has been eye opening and offered me much more."

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