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The Swiss Gap Experience

The Surval Swiss Gap Experience is our own unique pre-university finishing-style programme, offering an inspiring international setting for modern young women, aged 17-19.

Our Swiss Gap students explore new subjects, gain valuable experiences and develop vital leadership skills, setting them apart as both distinguished and distinctive. 

Students also benefit from educational opportunities that will support their future choices. 

The Surval Swiss Gap Experience, which can be taken as a three month or academic year course, boosts confidence and promotes independence in our nurturing, international family environment, gifting girls every opportunity offered by Surval’s stunning setting and enviable location.

Surval’s mission is to create powerful stories and futures for young women, carving out their place in the world; a global world with all the nationalities, languages, and cultures that Surval girls understand and respect through their experience here.

A Survalienne is able to ‘walk’ any room anywhere in the world with confidence, equipped with the knowledge and skills of how to conduct herself in any situation. Our Swiss Gap Experience instills polish and shine. 



Social Enterprise

Arts & Culture

Personal Development
& Wellbeing

  • Intensive French (16 lessons per
  • DELF examination preparation
  • English for academic purposes
  • Optional afternoon

    English, German, Italian, 
    Japanese, Russian, Spanish
  • Young enterprise business ventures
  • Events management
  • Charity & volunteer projects
  • International relations
  • Global perspectives
  • Art
  • Etiquette & Savoir-vivre
  • Cookery & pastry
  • Fashion & style analysis
  • Make up
  • Sports & activities



Pre-University Preparation

Weekend & Independent Travel

  • Media Skills
  • Blogs & podcasts
  • IELTS, TOEFL preparation
  • Visits to university campuses & participation in open days/university fairs
  • Guest lectures from leading universities
  • Individual counselling
  • Friday afternoon - Sunday evening
  • Choose your destinations & dates
  • Select your transport & hotel
  • Pack your bags & off you go!


Programme Details

This programme focuses at its core:

  • Languages, including intensive English / French classes, with the opportunity to take DELF, IELTS and TOEFL exams
  • Savoir-vivre: combining art, culinary arts and Etiquette
  • Weekend independent travel for the adventurous to explore the famous sights and sounds of beautiful Switzerland and surrounding Europe with friends
  • Social Enterprise, Communications and media projects
  • Courses in International Relations and Global Perspectives
  • Pre-University Preparation and Career Advice 
  • Our diverse Enrichment Programme discovering new talents and passions, enhancing personal development and well-being

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