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Language and Culture

“If we spoke a different language, we would perceive a somewhat different world” - Wittgenstein

One of the highlights at Surval is celebrating our diverse international family.

Family here means a mix of cultures, customs, languages, religions, tastes, callings, interests… in short, a magnificent melting pot! It is not always easy to live in an international environment; and yet by taking the time to overcome those differences, we are all better able to face the world beyond Surval.

Surval girls enjoy being immersed in the language and culture of Switzerland. We remain true to our roots as a famous Swiss finishing school and continue to offer and include within our curriculum a popular programme of intensive French and Savoir-vivre: combining language, art, culinary arts and etiquette, complemented by a rich schedule of international travel. Our girls benefit from a better understanding of nationalities, cultures and languages and respect for each other.

Girls across the school enjoy the opportunity to benefit from this unique programme, refreshed and remodelled to support and equip modern young women to be fully prepared for their next steps and the outside world.

A Surval girl can walk into any room – interviews, conferences, social situations – anywhere in the world and know how to conduct herself.

This ‘globalising’ of our girls is not just from what is taught in the classroom, it’s from our way of life.

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