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Studying at Surval

Surval is an exceptional international boarding school for girls aged 12-19, where we seed to empower ambitious, globally confident young women who are entrepreneurial and adventurous in spirit and have the inner confidence to follow their own path. 


Why Study at Surval?

Studying at Surval is a very different experience to many other schools due to our small size and highly personalised approach which lends itself to lessons being more tutorial style.  Surval classes are small, ranging from 2 to 15 students. This means students benefit from a great deal of individual attention from subject teachers and can progress at their own pace.


Our starting point is the girls. Where are they with their learning when they arrive in Surval and how do we take their learning forward to ensure challenge and progression?  What are their goals and aspirations and how do we tailor their Surval programme to help them achieve these goals? In establishing this, we build the curriculum around them to ensure they graduate from High School with strong academic credentials fit for university admissions around the world.  Our teachers are adept at tailoring individual pathways.

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