Surval Montreux - An Exceptional School

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Surval Montreux - An Exceptional School

AdvancED Accreditation Review Report October 2015

We were delighted to welcome a high powered team of three evaluators to spend almost a week at Surval in October, reviewing all aspects of the school. AdvancEd is the American Accreditation system which covers some 32’000 high schools world-wide, and their judgements of each school are measured against this enormous number. We were therefore very pleased to receive so many positive comments about all aspects of the school. 

The Team found Surval Montreux to be an exceptional school on many levels, from the powerful culture of caring, the focus on the whole child, its commitment to improvement, and the very well-managed daily operations. Teachers, administrators, pastoral staff, support staff, and students at Surval are all committed to the school in ways that permeate the learning environment and culture of the school.

The school has a well-deserved pride and optimism when it comes to the quality of its educational programs, its teachers and its students. It should find moments to celebrate its accomplishments.

It is important and pleasing to note that ‘through observations and interviews with multiple stakeholders’ the team found ’the school acts on its aims to enable girls to develop and grow intellectually, personally and spiritually’.  In effect, they found that we do what we aim to do.

As the evaluators look at different aspects of the school, they can designate as ‘Powerful Practice’ certain features of excellence which they consider exemplary. Three of the five areas at Surval received this outstanding status: Teaching and learning, purpose and direction, and support systems. 

This then is one of ‘the moments to celebrate Surval’s accomplishments’. It is exciting and inspiring for us that such a highly qualified team of evaluators genuinely recognised the uniqueness of Surval, and all that we are currently doing to make it the international school of choice for girls. The emphasis on developing the whole person, through rigorous academic challenge, excellent teaching, strong individual support and pastoral care, as well as the outstanding opportunities for international travel, and international friends for life, comes out very clearly. We know that the personalised curriculum and small class size give girls every opportunity to find themselves: and that they all say the school has had a transformational effect, enabling them to become ’the girl they always wanted to be’.  

Following the External Review in October 2015 the AdvancED Accreditation Commission awards Surval Montreux the distinction of accreditation for a five-year term that expires June 30, 2021.

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Teaching and learning

Students are cared for as unique individuals, whose needs are identified, evaluated and addressed by pastoral, tutorial and academic teams on a daily basis.

The outstanding individual attention each girl receives was clear..It was difficult to imagine a more comprehensive and supportive environment than that offered by the school.

Purpose and direction

A positive and supportive culture exemplified by a shared sense of purpose and values permeates the entire school community

Support systems

The safety and well-being of students are an absolute priority at Surval, as evidenced by its comprehensive set of procedures and precautions.

What they said about teaching and learning

An instructional program that promotes high expectations, focuses on differentiated learning, provides rigorous lessons and ensures a positive learning environment for all students.

The school takes well-deserved pride in its leadership, faculty, support staff and students. Compelling evidence of the school’s commitment to the well-being, and success of its students, academic excellence and continuous improvement was noted throughout the review.

High expectations, equitable learning and supportive structures came out highly, well above the average of the 54’000 classrooms visited by the AdvancEd teams this year: and indicated ‘students were engaged in challenging lessons and focused on meeting teachers’ expectations without fear of failure’.

Teachers are very much engaged in the teaching and learning process and have come together as a community of teacher-learners. They are passionate about their work, students and the school, and enthusiastic about working and learning together.

Girls said ‘teachers help us individually, let us know if we are struggling..great teachers are fun and help me to understand’.


The team noted the strong leadership and heard from interviewees that the school leader ‘raised expectations, set direction and built trust..She had a very strong and clear vision and set of values for the school which heavily influenced teacher actions’.  She provided a can-do culture and led the development and implementations of policies and practices that support a quality boarding school environment that meets the academic, emotional, social and physical needs of the students.

What students said

The school is completely different from other schools. It really feels like home. They were asked, individually, to give one-word descriptions of the school. Family, home and different (in a good way) were offered by many of the girls-and of the support staff who were also interviewed.


The team concluded that the school engages in a high level of communication with parents regarding student performance. They praised the very informative three weekly reports and the detailed end of term reports from each subject teacher, boarding head and form tutors.  The constant contact with parents of all nationalities was noted and the parents interviewed were effusive in their praise for the ease of access to teachers and administrators.

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Accreditation awarded until June 30, 2021

Following the External Review in October 2015 the AdvancED Accreditation Commission awards Surval Montreux the distinction of accreditation for a five-year term that expires June 30, 2021.

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