Global Etiquette at Surval Montreux

29 May 2024

Global etiquette refers to the unwritten rules and customs governing social behaviour and interactions across cultures. It may evoke outdated images of women being prepared for marriage or balancing books on heads, but Modern Etiquette is the most accurate term for our offering at Surval. For the world of tomorrow, etiquette remains an essential part of empowering young women at Surval Montreux.


The Importance of Etiquette at our All Girls Boarding School

For young girls, etiquette at school cultivates cultural awareness, respect, and empathy, allowing them to effectively communicate with classmates from different backgrounds. It helps build inclusive friendships, enhances communication skills, and prepares them for future academic and professional opportunities in a globalised world. Having an understanding of different customs and behaviours promotes personal growth, self-confidence, and flexible thinking, as well as developing tolerance and challenging stereotypes.


Surval’s Etiquette Commitment 

Surval’s Etiquette celebrates tradition and embraces the future, fully preparing our girls for the life they live now and that which lies ahead of them. From cutlery placement and table settings to presenting to delegates and delivering executive-level receptions, Modern Etiquette provides you an edge and distinctive finish with your own style and truth.

Understanding and adhering to these aspects of global etiquette helps establish positive relationships and effective communication in a diverse world.  We find that our girls, who understand etiquette and respect it, are better prepared to take on leadership roles, creating an inclusive and respectful group environment.

Surval's core curriculum emphasises leadership, global perspectives, languages, culture, social enterprise, and adventure to develop girls' confidence and cultural sensitivity needed to thrive in diverse, multilingual environments.  Women should feel comfortable stepping into cross-cultural work environments and encouraged to be ambitious, and this is our goal.   

As we educate in etiquette, we consider it in its broadest sense (business etiquette, communication etiquette), in real time as well as virtually (dining etiquette and dress etiquette). 


How We Enrich the Girls 

The 3 C’s are at the forefront of what we do at Surval - courtesy, care and consideration. Our goal is to be aware of others and to act in accordance with the culture in which we live.  

In an effort to educate girls, we do not seek to provide them with details about every conceivable situation. The key is to encourage curiosity and openness towards different situations so that they observe and adjust to what is around them, taking direction from others.

Our girls are encouraged to go through The Culture Map by Erin Meyer to improve their skills in navigating different cultures and groups and collaborating with people from different cultures.

By promoting cultural sensitivity and global etiquette, we help girls to fit comfortably into a variety of environments so they will be competitive in tomorrow's world, take control of the situation, and own their voice.  As such, we are very closely aligned with the heritage of our school. From our roots and heritage as a finishing school, etiquette stays firmly in our curriculum and Surval community. 

Exposure to different customs and traditions enriches social experiences and broadens perspectives within our community, and sets girls in good stead for a bright future.


More Benefits of Education at Surval Montreux 

It’s not just etiquette we teach the girls, you also have the chance to dive into a world of new languages such as French and Italian. We offer American High School Diploma and semesters abroad, giving young girls the chance to bask in European culture. Not to mention, we are based right beside Lake Geneva.

Our High School programme is for Grades 8-12, as well as French Language and Culture programs for 15-18 year olds, Winter Camp experiences, and Summer Camps during June and August. Many students come to Surval for the purpose of graduating from High School and the small school and class sizes, whilst others come for a semester abroad or to experience French language, arts, and adventure summer camps at Surval.


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