An all-girls education

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An all-girls education

The benefits of girls-only schools are clear, and well documented. Academic results are better; confidence is greater; girls are able to focus without distraction in class and develop their own learning styles, taught by teachers who are experts in girls’ education. But the most telling argument is that of opportunity. In a single sex school, the needs and aspirations of girls are the main focus. All the top mathematicians and physicists, all those in sport and adventure activities, running the charities programmes, developing Young Enterprise companies, are girls. They do not have to compete with boys for attention, either in class or beyond it. The leader of everything is a girl. This culture helps to develop the confidence that young women need before they enter a career world still dominated by men. Risk taking and resilience are important characteristics for girls in an all girls’ school.

But girls will continue to be girls! Surval girls love being able to relax and wear pyjamas at the weekend, to have a ‘girls’ night in’ with popcorn and a movie; and they can also enjoy etiquette, style analysis and make up sessions without fear of being laughed at.

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