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Five reasons to give your child a Swiss education: Told by a Survalienne from UAE

Posted on: 21st November 2014

The benefits of a Swiss education are many; a high quality education, international atmosphere and fellow students and the geographical advantage of being right at the heart of Europe in an outstandingly beautiful location.. Gulf News recently published an article on this very topic, where one of our alumnae explained how attending Surval Montreux helped her prepare for an increasingly globalised world.

Global citizen
For 21-year-old Natasha Zehra Habib, a year at Surval Montreux in Montreux, Switzerland, taught her to accept and understand the world around her. “Studying at Surval gave me the confidence to know the etiquette and business etiquette of most countries,” says Habib, whose parents are based in the UAE.

“Today, an average of 15 per cent of students in Switzerland are from the Middle East and the number is steadily increasing,” says Dr Detlef Kulessa of Tochter und Soehne, Germany’s leading educational consultancy. “In the past the majority of students from the region went to schools in the UK and the US. The Swiss international schools offer an education that prepares kids for the global village by accepting and supporting national differences.”


 Click here to read the full article. 

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