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Memories of Surval: Sofya (2014 - 2015)

Posted on: 21st March 2017

Sofya was 13 when she first came to Surval for Summer Camp. It was a big step for the Russian teenager who had never lived away from home, but she had no need for concern.

“It was really like home, it wasn’t stressful at all, because of the surroundings and environment and people around me. There were quite a few Russians who were here so I could speak the same language as at home and make friends here easily and the girls here were really welcoming. Now 17, Sofya is articulate, open-minded and confident - character traits she credits Surval for.

“The experience I gained here was really, really good. It made me more outgoing and it changed me inside, because before I came here I was a little bit shy and not confident in myself.” She has particularly fond memories of the nurturing atmosphere Surval offers. “Here there were enough staff to look after everyone…Here they gave us enough time to be on our own, we could study at any time we liked.”

The international aspect and family atmosphere offered her the ability to broaden her horizons in a unique way. “Being in an international school you become an international person and it really helps you understand other nationalities, other people not from your country and maybe understand some things that you wouldn’t think of before.” It also gave her the opportunity to take her first steps on the path she hopes to pursue in the future. “Here I understood that I like Art very much and also in Maths when we did geometry, I noticed that I really enjoyed it
and I understand it really well.”

Sofia now hopes to combine Architecture with Psychology at university in London. Without Surval, she says she wouldn’t be considering either Psychology or a British further education. “Surval, I think it gave me the right to choose what I want to do.”

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