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My Surval Story: Silvia from Brazil

Posted on: 15th November 2017

My memories of my stay at Surval are the best possible, filled with affection and learning. The company of students of different nationalities permitted an immersion in other cultures, as well as new academic and social challenges. I recall how important were the studies not only in French, but in the other classes as well the ambiance provided by the school.

The time I spent, although not long enough, helped me develop and see how important it is to have an aim, focus on, and dedicate ourselves to achieve our aims. We received positive stimulus through classes, speeches, and trips. All this helped me realise my aptitude for, and liking of, foreign languages. Therefore, after the year in Montreux, I studied German and Italian.

Although 27 years ago the world was not as globalised and instantly connected as it is nowadays, Surval prepared us for a world with high demands and expectations. This was also very important for the time when I came back to my country of origin, and began my professional activities. Besides the studies, the experience of living abroad allowed me a wider perspective, another point of view. This is something that I brought into my adult life and my business activities. I would like to offer this opportunity of staying at Surval to my daughter, hopefully next summer.

For the young, new students, my sincere advice would be to enjoy this unique opportunity to learn and widen your horizon: regarding people, countries, cultures, habits and backgrounds and to later put it into practice to become a young adult able to face the ever-changing challenges of the world.

So what can I say more to the new students....enjoy and make the most of it.....

By Silvia Lima (Class of 1990)

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