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Survalienne Profile: Amalia - an impressive career in medicine

Posted on: 13th March 2018

Amalia Villarreal (Class of 1969) knew she wanted to be a doctor since she was a small child. On family trips to the ranch and outdoors, she would “build her hospital” where she treated wounded animals like birds and squirrels while her brother and cousins went hunting. 

After high school, her father, one of the first radiologists in Monterrey, asked her what she wanted to study to be, she did not hesitate to say: “a doctor just like you.” Foreseeing how long, difficult and absorbing medical school could be for a young lady, he offered her a year studying languages in Switzerland, and she arrived at Surval, where a cousin had previously studied. She enrolled in the study of French, Italian, German, and practiced with her new friends from all over the world. 

She remembers enriching conversations with her new friends from different backgrounds, and fun trips to Paris, Yugoslavia, Greece, Russia, and around Europe. Some of the countries she visited don’t even exist anymore!
She became a very good skier, skiing every morning during winter season and having her language courses during the afternoon at Crans-Sur-Sierre.

During this year, her view of the world changed. She became more open to all cultures, realized people have the same needs and dreams and aspirations, even coming from very different cultures and backgrounds and became even more passionate about understanding and helping others.
When she came back, she was even more excited about becoming a medical doctor to be able to have a positive impact in the world.
She graduated with honours, receiving the summa cum laude award for the best medical student of her university from the President of Mexico at that time. 

She worked at her father´s clinic for several years and then focused on cancer prevention, doing pioneering work in the power of the mind and soul in the process.

Today Dr Amalia Villarreal is now very passionate about neuroscience. She is an avid communicator about the importance of acknowledging health as a whole: mind spirit and physical body. She is an international speaker and loves to connect with people. She is a pioneer in what she does, because her heart and time is dedicated towards the healing as a whole. 

She is thankful for the privilege of having attended Surval, a life experience that enriched her life, made her more responsible, aware and passionate about people, the centre of her work.

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