Welcome to Surval

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Welcome to Surval 

Surval Montreux is a unique international boarding school for girls aged 12-19, which I am delighted and excited to serve as its Principal.

Before joining Surval in September 2016, I worked for over 25 years in excellent girls’ schools in the UK, largely in the London area; this included 12 years as Headmistress. I graduated in Music from London University and am passionate about teaching and the family environment of a girls’ boarding school.

Before entering teaching, I followed a career in the commercial sector, working in London for Ralph Lauren. This gave me a vital insight into what global brandleading companies are seeking in recruits. I am dedicated to helping individual girls develop the right and relevant skills so they can secure the best career opportunities for themselves.

We are committed at Surval Montreux to providing our students with a modern and forward-thinking education, focussed on equipping each girl with the confidence, tenacity, and resilience to succeed in a world in which she will have significant responsibility. We achieve this by offering our students an exceptional range of curricular and extra-curricular enrichment, which enables these young women to stretch and challenge their knowledge and skills. With our help, our students are able to identify and attend the universities best suited to them, and from there enter some of the most interesting and demanding careers across the world.

But it is not all about what happens in formal education. We also believe that a school, at its best, should be happy and family-focussed, with boarding at its heart: providing outstanding pastoral care for girls from all over the world, for whom, like for me, Surval is a real home from home. And it’s a home in an extraordinarily beautiful location: a place that encourages and inspires, nestled amidst magnificent Alpine mountains, and overlooking the stunning Lac Leman.

As well as living in such a magnificent place, we care passionately about creating the kind of boarding school environment which nurtures girls and gives them the confidence to succeed. Our priority is to get students to where they want to be. Our girls leave us fully prepared for the future and with a real sense of social and community responsibility.

Ours is a very special school. It is a school in a unique setting, which offers unparalleled opportunities and an approach that supports each and every girl to identify and embark on the path that is right for her.

‘Aseema’, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘limitless’, encapsulates the philosophy that a child’s spirit can soar in the right environment. At Surval Montreux, with its stunning backdrop, a girl can expect to extend her personal horizons and discover who she really is and wants to be.

Over my long career in education I have learnt much about the needs of adolescent girls, and what makes a good school an outstanding one. I am proud and privileged to have the opportunity to lead Surval as the destination of choice for future generations of girls.

I look forward to meeting and welcoming you here.

Mrs Patricia Woodhouse


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