Welcome to Surval

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Welcome to Surval 

Surval Montreux is a unique international boarding school for girls aged 13-19, which I am delighted and excited to serve as its new Principal.

For me, what this small school offers is unrivalled by any other I have previously experienced. On my very first visit here, Surval Montreux left a striking impression on me; there is so much to appreciate and cherish:

The exceptionally beautiful location and inspirational setting of our magical school campus, looking across stunning Lac Léman to the towering peaks beyond is symbolic of all we stand for. Here, the sky really is your limit.

Our caring and family-centred international community provides a vital sense of value and commitment, of belonging and self-worth for every one of our girls within it. A happy home with warm and welcoming faces, Surval Montreux is also a place which nurtures talent and character and actively celebrates cultural diversity.

Our bespoke and imaginative curriculum is tailored to each individual girl and promotes creativity and exploration; this is coupled with excellent personal careers advice and access to the most remarkable cultural experiences and wonderful enrichment opportunities, including a growing network of global contacts.

The poised, self-assured and articulate young women we develop at Surval leave us fully prepared for the challenges of the modern world and with a real sense of social and community responsibility.

‘Aseema’, a Sanskri word meaning ‘limitless’, encapsulates the philosophy that a child’s spirit can soar in the right environment. At Surval Montreux, my promise to you is that your daughter will extend her personal horizons, discover her passions and talents, and find her wings to fly. My priority is to get students to where they want to be, to draw out the very best from each of our girls, and to position Surval Montreux as the destination of choice for future generations of girls.

I look forward to meeting and welcoming you here.

Mrs Patricia Woodhouse


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