Liberal Arts: An International Year with Languages, Culture and Travel

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An International Year with Languages, Culture and Travel 

An exclusive Finishing style programme for young women ages 17 +

A unique and exciting offering at Surval is our international year with languages, culture and travel. Designed for students who want a year in an international setting with a course that has depth and interest, without necessarily leading to examinations; this is an exceptional opportunity. The majority of girls will take this as a post-graduation GAP year before they go on to universities or colleges, some just need a year to decide where their interests and future really lie, and value the amount of individual attention and support in planning their future path. Others, depending on the education pattern in their own country, may need a year in the middle of their secondary education to take advantage of a unique and stimulating international experience. All will receive substantial support and encouragement to choose a future direction, and to prepare for it in the best possible way.

We believe that many girls coming to Surval will hold positions of importance in their own communities and countries. We have designed a course which we believe will give them the skills to contribute in the best possible way; to learn good judgement to distinguish the true from the false, in what they read, in what they hear, in what they see. They will learn savoir faire, both from the etiquette classes and also from each other. They will develop a wider appreciation of culture, and will learn how to use their abilities for the benefit of those with whom they live and for whom they have responsibility. We hope they will learn to use their wealth wisely for the benefit of others as well as themselves, and our emphasis on what is true and of value is crucial in this. They will develop the poise and confidence to engage with people at all levels in a meaningful way, and in more than one language. 

Curriculum Overview

Sample Timetable

Maria from Mexico talks about why she chose the Pre-University Programme at Surval, how it has helped her decide on her field of study at university, and about learning French in Switzerland.

Life as an International Year student at Surval is an enriching experience that will give girls an inspiring and cultural year abroad before embarking on their higher education and future careers. 

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Programme Details

Who the programme is for: Students aged 17+ who would like an international year of languages, culture and travel before embarking on their higher education. In particular, girls who value the support to help them make informed decisions about future directions.

Programme length: One year, although girls whose school semesters have different timings can also join for six months, from January to June. We recommend the full year course to develop fluency in French, and to take full advantage of all the opportunities to immerse yourself fully in the culture and language opportunities at Surval)

Qualification: Girls will gain a course certificate for completion of their year at Surval. They may if required take SATs. IELTS or TOEFL, and the DELF examinations as well as adding one or more IGCSE subjects to enhance their University applications.

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