Surval Summer and Winter Camps

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Surval Summer and Winter Camps

During school holidays Surval Montreux runs summer and winter camps each year for girls from the age of 11. Both camps ensure a broad choice of exciting summer and winter activities, and excellent language learning support in an international environment. Personal challenge and the development of new skills, resilience and independent are all features of both camps. Poise and confidence grow too with classes in etiquette, make up, fashion and colour choice. And, as our alumnae testify, they will return home with friendships and memories for life.

From 25 June to 3 August 2018 girls from around the world can join our 3 to 6 week language and activity camp. 

At Surval Summer Camp girls learn a language, join fun activities and excursions in and around Switzerland, and make friends for life.

Language teaching (in French or English) takes place in small classes, and girls practise their language skills as they explore the town of Montreux, only ten minutes down the mountain. Etiquette and cookery are great fun and very popular with girls of all ages.

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From January to March each year girls from around the world can join us from 6 weeks to a full term for a unique Swiss winter experience. 

Girls can join our main school classes, as well as their own specialised programme which features excursions and activities; we are aware that they are after all on holiday! All winter sports activities are offered, skiing, snowboarding and ice skating, as well as the one week of intensive skiing when the whole school goes off for a week. Winter camp provides the perfect opportunity to combine academic and physical challenge in a beautiful region of Switzerland, with stunning views over Lake Geneva and the mountains.

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