Extending horizons

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Extending horizons

No school course, however well designed, can be complete in itself. The whole concept of enrichment must be an integral part, not an add-on, taking the girls beyond the syllabus and classroom learning to stretch their minds and inspire them further in all areas of their personal development. Our expanding horizons programme does this. Girls are encouraged to try a wide range of activities, academic, creative, sporting, dramatic and musical, as well as participating in charity work locally and in the wider world. Each girl must choose two clubs or activities in the week and she is expected to commit to the activity for the whole term; for the Thursday sports, choices are renewed or changed at half term.

The key is to try new things, to ’have a go’ without feeling embarrassed or constrained by a lack of ability to shine. You don’t have to be brilliant at things to be able to enjoy them. We are looking for girls who are unafraid to take a risk, within or beyond the classroom; girls who understand that they learn as much from the occasional failure as from success.

To expand horizons further, we invite visiting specialists to come and talk to girls about their careers or adventurous lives. We have entertained Japanese former students, demonstrating ikebana, the tea ceremony and calligraphy; an expert calligrapher from London; a young fashion designer with her own company; a consultant teaching the art of ‘working a room’; a round-the- world yachtswoman; and many others.

All this is in addition to the trips and excursion programme. A rich offering indeed! 

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